Channel streaming issues are common if you watch any of your favourite channels on your Roku streaming device. Do not worry if you come across any errors as there are troubleshooting tips available. Identify the type of error and resolve it to enjoy streaming.

Channel Streaming Issues on Roku
Channel Streaming Issues on Roku

Most Common Channel Streaming Issues

Let us have a quick review of the most common channel streaming issues on your Roku streaming device.

  • Network or the Internet connection errors
  • Unable to stream the channel
  • Activation errors

Troubleshooting Guide to Resolve the Channel Streaming Issues

  • Restart your device – Perform a quick restart and most of the channel activation issues will resolve. To complete the restart using the settings (Settings > system > system restart)
  • We suggest the users to perform a soft, hard and factory reset. Once you perform the reset all the settings will be updated. To perform the factory reset, go to settings > Advanced system settings and Factory reset

Verify the Speed of the Network Connection

To stream any channel on your streaming device, a good speed network connection is essential. There are two methods (wired and wireless). If you come across any wireless network errors, it is important to check and verify the wireless network credentials

Also make a note that to stream the contents on your device a network speed of 1.5 Mbps for standard definition contents and 3.0 Mbps of HD contents.

Wired Network Connection Error

Users who prefer the wired connection can check the Ethernet cable. Purchase a new one if the existing one is not working. Also ensure that you connect the cables in the respective slot.

Check the channel activation steps – Make sure that you use the right steps to complete the channel activation. Check the channel activation code and make sure that you use the valid code. Besides gets a new code contacting the service provider. Use the wireless range extenders to get the excellent streaming speed.

Roku Remote

Check and make sure that the batteries are inserted properly to the device. Verify the seating of the batteries. Get a new remote if the existing one is not working. Look if there is any pairing button at the back of your device. Try pressing and holding it to pair your streaming device

Unable to hear the audios while streaming – Ensure that the volume settings are not in mute. Also, Increase the volume level to adjust the settings

Check the Channel Activation Steps

Check and make sure that the channel activation steps are accurate. If not deactivate the channel which you are streaming and activate it once again.

Channel Mobile app users – Mobile app users can check the validity of the app. It is equally important to ensure and make sure that the app is compatible to use with your device. If not uninstall the app and install it again.

Identify the type of error and respective troubleshooting guide to resolve the channel streaming issues.  Also, dial the toll-free number +1-844-726-8900 or to get further updates.

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