Roku Channels

Roku has introduced a lot of top and best channels. The count of viewers has now increased to a greater extent. Start the channel activation and add the favorite channel to your device. Choose the best Roku channels that you like, activate it and do not miss the best opportunity to stream the programs that you love.

Roku Channel Categories

The Roku channel categories are of different types and this includes the free Roku channel, pay channels, and Roku Private Channels.  Find out the best channel that you like and start streaming to enjoy the endless entertainment.

Roku channels - Roku Private Channels
Roku channels – Roku Private Channels

Top Channels to Stream on Roku

Let us have a look at the most popular Movies & TV channels to stream and watch on your Roku streaming device.

  • Amazon Video – Activate the channel to watch the top Videos, Movies and a lot more
  • Crackle – Try to stream the big budget movies on the channel and you will surely enjoy streaming
  • HBO GO Now – There are lot of best shows to stream on HBO GO Now
  • Showtime – Enjoy streaming the top Movies, Comedy specials, TV shows and a lot more
  • Sky News – Get the live news updates from all part of the world including United Kingdom, United States and Canada
  • NFL on Roku – Stream your favorite football games on NFL channel
  • Netflix – Top shows such as Black Mirror on Netflix is really interesting to watch
  • Watch ESPN – Tune the channel to watch the sports programs that you like. The channel networks include ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPNU and a few more
  • Disney Channel – Telecast the best programs to entertain your kids
  • PlayStation Vue – Get the PlayStation Vue subscription and stream lot of top and interesting channels

Check if the above list has any of your favorite channels. If you have start adding it and activating it with the help of the channel activation steps. Complete the channel activation using the steps below

To Add the Roku Channels on your Streaming Device

The steps listed below will help you to activate the channel on your streaming device and the process becomes much easier if you read and understand it.

  • Just turn on your device and then start adding the channel from the store. To go to the store you can just make use of the streaming channels tab. As you tap on it you will be navigated to the app store.
  • Link your device to the Roku account by providing the code in the required page or URL.
  • Search results will appear once you type the name of the channel in the search bar. Make a note that if your channel is a free channel. Select the channel and then tap on the Add channel option. To get the pay channels you just need to pay the respective subscription charges. Select the channel based on your budget.
  • We suggest you to set the Roku account Pin in case if you come across any unauthorized channel purchase

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