Sports Channels on Roku

There are many sports channels on Roku. Pick and choose some of the best such as WWE Network, NBA Channel, NHL, Red Bull TV and much more from the Channel Store. You can also choose from premium broadcasts such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and NFL to watch these sports channels live on the player.

Sports Channels on Roku
Sports Channels on Roku

WWE Network

  • A pay-per-view model, WWE Network streams live 24/7 and offers on-demand programming as well for around $9.99 per month.
  • Launched in 2014, the channel is subscription-based and the programming predominantly revolves around events pertaining to WWE. Some of the current and popular shows available are:
    • Pre-shows of all exclusive WWE Network events that are broadcast live
    • Ring programs from WWE that also have live special episodes
    • WWE Main Event features wrestlers from RAW. This is also a one-hour in-ring program
    • Watch 32 women wrestlers on the Mae Young Classic show, which is a seasonal tournament
    • There is also the breaking news section from WWE besides the ride along where celebrities travel from city to city
  • Add the channel to the Roku to watch a range of wrestling sports

Red Bull TV

  • Get on-demand coverage of all the sporting action on Red Bull TV
  • The shows in this channel feature athletes always running on high adrenalin
  • Inspiring professional lives of sports personalities are captured as members are living on the edge
  • Both men and women compete in extreme sports to win the X Games
  • Divided into Live, Sports, Music, and Global Series, some originals such as Down Days featuring the Gudauskas brothers who travel the world, are also available
  • A programming called Focus covers the lives of extreme athletes
  • 14 original Red Bull series with over 100 episodes are all available under the Music category
  • A free channel, get this from under the Sports option on the Channel Store

NBA Channel

  • Published and distributed by NBA Digital, the NBA Channel has many live games, recap videos and lots of other information
  • The channel also features tiers such as the NBA Team Pass, NBA Single Game, and the NBA Pass Audio.
  • Each of these come with distinctive attributes and also attract a small price
  • NBA is one of the leading sports channels on Roku offering 24 / 7 live stream of exclusive content
  • You have the choice of watching sports in different languages such as Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Portuguese
  • There are several in-game and post-game highlights available as well


  • Also regarded as one of the most popular sports channels on Roku, NHL offers regular season games live from around the league.
  • Even if you were to miss a game, they can be obtained on-demand from the channel’s archives
  • There are several highlights both in-game and post-game that are absolutely thrilling
  • The app comes with additional features such as
  • Jumping into a live game
  • Watching highlights directly from the team’s pages
    • Rewind or even pause live games
    • With the help of Interactive Milestone Markers, you can instantly jump into a play
    • Replays of all games are available on the archives – pick and play your favorites

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