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Gone are the days when people planned their life around the programs they like watching on their TV. But today, they plan their shows around their everyday life. They have the choice of not staying up all night to watch a football match, sleep, see it first thing in the morning so that the internet does not spoil the game for them. But the thrill of live TV is unmatchable. That’s why Roku, initially imagined only as an on-demand entertainment service but later on went to add watching live TV shows a part of their deal as well.

Watch Live TV on Roku
Watch Live TV on Roku

How Does This Work?

You can stream Live TV channels on Roku whenever you like, just like how you do with the traditional cable operators. You can set reminders for your favorite show timings, ask for an alert before the program begins, and while watching a game or a program, you can as well record the session and watch it later again.

The point is, Roku is both an on-demand platform, and a live TV streaming device. Here’s everything you can do to watch channels on Roku, live.

But before you read further, here’s a piece of information. Apart from having individual streaming, Roku com link also has a lot of “Skinny Bundles” or groups of channels that you can buy for a period of time. These bundles are usually less pricy than if the channels are bought separately. A lot of channels offered as bundles are channels that you can watch live.

Watch Hulu Live TV on Roku

Hulu, as it started out offering content along side Roku when it came up with its streaming device, was originally a on-demand entertainment channel. But as Roku evolved, Hulu did too, and started offering bundle deals. Their price is $39.99 and they provide a semi-customisable list of 50+ channels. With premium channel offerings like HBO and the likes, Hulu is a good place to start with if you need to stream Live TV on Roku.

Sling TV

Sling is a relatively new comer, and has still managed to become one of the most popular skinny bundles. The secret being, their channel list more customizable and is entirely free. The point being, you can choose what all channels you need, for the quoted price. The upside being, you don’t have to pay for the entertainment and cookery channels if you see only sports. The flip side, there are way too many channels from Sling and it becomes a bit difficult to do that.

YouTube TV

What field does Google doesn’t venture into? That’s right. Nothing! As skinny bundles came up and as on-demand streaming became more and more popular, Google saw the opportunity and went on to start YouTube channel. It offers service for around $40 a month, and it is probably completely worth it.

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